The Issues

My experience and understanding of our area and our people are critical in representing the multiple needs and concerns of our area. One size does not fit all and one issue is not the only issue for our area. Ruth said, “I know who I am, where I am coming from, and where I am going to!” This is important when selecting a Representative. You need someone who is well versed in multiple issues and has the experience, the leadership, and the determination to make a difference. Ruth has been involved in several housing issues, including manufactured housing issues, for quite a while. In 2004 and 2005 Ruth attended numerous not for profit meetings on Manufactured Housing concerns including the New Hampshire Community Loan Foundation and HUD meetings. In fact, Ruth helped craft the voluntary rental assistance program which eventually became part of the current law in Chapter 70. She also was instrumental in assisting tenants during the early stages of the Relocation Trust Fund. Ruth believes the homeowners and community owners can find a common ground when suitably invited.

On November 4th, vote for Balance!

Balance of Spending:

Issue: You and I must balance our checkbooks and live within our limits. We should expect no less from our elected officials.

Solution: Ruth will work to balance the budget by reducing government spending, not by raising taxes.

Balance of Jobs:

Issue: With fewer manufacturing jobs, and a previous focus on retail, real estate, and the building trades, the declining market has greatly affected jobs in our district.

Solution: Ruth will work to diversify our job base through initiatives that will encourage new businesses to locate in our area.

Balance of Responsible Growth and Development:

Issue: Our area will continue to grow. Growth helps create jobs and benefits our local economy, but it must be planned well and managed responsibly.

Solution: Ruth will work diligently to maintain local control on land use decisions and balance growth and development with individual property rights.

News Journal Survey 2014

Biographical Information

Party: Republican

Age: 58

Occupation: Chief Operating Officer for Sussex County REALTORS® Association

Education: MS in Human Resources with emphasis in School Leadership

Family: Married 38 years to Stanley King. Two adult sons, Jared King and wife Noelle with grandchildren Gabriella and Colin living in Pennsylvania and newlyweds, Justin and Amber King, residing in Georgetown.

Accolades: 1991 Teacher of the Year at KCVSD, 2009 Delaware Tech Alumni Walk of Success


What is the biggest issue facing the state? As a member of the General Assembly, what solutions would you propose?

The sluggish economy and lack of job opportunities remain a major challenge to Delaware’s work force. The business climate in Delaware, including increasing regulations, increasing tax obligations, fees and other costs of doing business is hurting local business and workers. I will continue efforts to create a more business friendly state so Delaware can recover and allow business to create jobs. This can be accomplished by creating more stability and certainty for Delaware companies. Delaware works best when Delawareans work.

Should Delaware spend more on road, bridge and transportation system improvements? Would you vote to raise taxes to improve the state's transportation infrastructure?

Delaware can and should spend more on infrastructure including our water ways as well as land issues. Delaware needs to revisit the original intent and function of the Transportation Trust Fund. The fund has been misused and extended far beyond its’ original intent. We must get the “other cost” out on the system allocated for infrastructure, even if it means a fresh trust fund. I will not support raising gas taxes when Delaware taxpayers already pay for transportation through taxes. This is a spending issue that needs to be addressed. One example of savings and responsible spending would be improving the determination of the current prevailing wage rates and the reducing the impact that cost Delaware an additional 20- 25% on each project. We must address how we survey and determine the current prevailing wage rate that is more fair and equitable to all workers as well as taxpayers in Delaware.

Would you support higher property taxes statewide to fund efforts to clean up Delaware's waterways?

Property taxes are assessed by the County and not the State; therefore, a Legislator does not vote in this decision. Currently , the County pays little toward any storm water or other drainage issues and, in my county, they lack a significant plan. On the other hand, the county approves projects that the State must provide service and relief for the impact upon our citizens. Our taxpayers do not want agencies pointing fingers at one another- they want and deserve results from the taxes that they pay. Higher property taxes suggest only property owners should incur the cost of improvements, when everyone benefits. It is not fair to place a bigger tax burden on one segment of citizens, property owners.

Delaware's casino industry, which provides millions in revenue to help balance the state budget, is losing customers and revenue to out-of-state competitors. Should the state cut casino taxes, or provide other kinds of financial relief?

The State regulates the gaming industry more than any other industry in Delaware. The State receives the biggest “take” and the casinos have been a big revenue source for Delaware. The State had made significant increases in the tax rate to the Casinos when the State needed money. The tax rate escalated to 43 cents. Today, the State continues to tax at this rate as well as collect on other fees and taxes from the Casinos. I contend that the Delaware Casino industry should be treated at the same rate as other businesses and the State needs to be fair, competitive, and consistent.

Would you support a raise next year for Delaware state employees?

I believe that Delaware State Employees have seen a decline in their earning through personal tax increases, yet their salary has not progressed. The State has taken money back from employees and those employees are not back to that rate, and have not seen any cost of living or other adjustments that occur in the private sector. Our State employees have not been made “whole”. It’ s business 101, the state needs to apply the same standard to itself that it seeks to impose on other business. If you increase the minimum wage and do not provide salary adjustments for your own workers you create a double standard. It is unfair for “ some” to receive annual “Step” increases while others labor years without anything. It costs everyone more to live, including State Employees.

Would you vote to raise Delaware's minimum wage? Why or why not?

I did not vote to increase the minimum wage in Delaware. We must allow employers and businesses to make business decisions. Many of our Delaware employers already exceed minimum wage rates. Evidence demonstrates that increasing the minimum wage hurts unskilled workers and youth rather than helping the lower wage earners. Fewer jobs, jobs with no benefits, and less working hours are often the result of increasing the minimum wage. We need to make decisions that have the effect to create jobs, increase benefits, and allow businesses to be profitable and grow.

Would you vote to remove criminal penalties for the possession of small amounts of marijuana? Why or why not?

I do not support the decriminalization of marijuana. In a recent study, reported by USA Today, the results are that use among teens and those up to 24 do have an impact on cognitive functions. The issue is really the legalization of cannabis and not just the “decriminalization of marijuana”. Let’s have a true and meaningful discussion of the issue and not just the social aspects of use.

Should the state tighten campaign finance rules to prevent corruption in state elections? What would you propose?

I absolutely will continue supporting campaign finance reform. I would suggest allowing some good legislation that has been previously introduced to move forward.

The University of Delaware and Delaware State University, which receive millions in taxpayer dollars, are largely exempt from Delaware's open-records laws. Would you support opening their records to public inspection?

Institutions that receive taxpayer investment should be transparent to the legislature and the taxpayer alike. There should be “strings attached” to taxpayer dollars at every institution. The decision will ultimately rest with the institution.

Should Delaware impose the death penalty? Why or why not?

Delaware has the death penalty sentence and it may be imposed based on the crime committed. I believe that many people overlook the victim and show greater consideration or mercy for the criminal than the innocent. I am a firm believer in forgiveness; however, I am not the ultimate judge of a person’s eternal fate. One must take a life to receive the death penalty; therefore, I continue to support the ability for the sentencing of the death penalty.