The Issues

Changing Times and moving district lines!

Since the COVID 19 epidemic hit Delaware in March of 2020, everyone has endured many hardships and change. It was a time that required leaders demonstrate a clear vision for our future and to focus on recovery from the COVID pandemic that created a crisis in our community.

It became quite clear that the broadband expansion issues Ruth had worked on for many years became a big concern to others. Ruth remained a champion urging for connectivity for our homes, our jobs, and our businesses. “Finally, we are getting the attention and the resources to close the digital divide in Sussex County! Sadly, it took an epidemic to bring the need to the forefront!”

If you are a parent or a grandparent helping with virtual sessions or providing day care, you recognize the need for quality day care, you have learned to appreciate the job your teachers do to educate your children and you are ready to get these people working so you can work. And, you want to do this safely. We need to recognize and support workers to enable breadwinners to work in essential jobs: just about every job is essential or it wouldn’t exist!

Many students and their parents were concerned about the loss of education. If you are an aspiring student, you want to know when you will resume your studies. You have invested your time and money in your education, and you want to know when and how you will continue. More importantly, you may in the clinical (hands on) phase of your studies. This is a critical time and since quality employees are demanded in all sectors of the workplace.

The of “ifs” goes on and on for everyone. Therefore, you need an experienced Legislators to ask the questions that matter to you, to question and to propose answers those questions. Rest assured; this is what Ruth does each day.

Ruth is known as a “go to person” for her constituents and her colleagues. She works tirelessly to address issues and she does not give up on issues that people want to “go away” such as:

  • Flooding and drainage issues
  • Traffic and road safety issues
  • Unemployment benefit issues

We need a person with a clear vision and focus on moving Delaware forward. Ruth has that vision and focus to serve the people of her district and Delaware.

Consulting: In February 2016, Ruth initiated her consulting business enabling her to focus her interest, experience, and time on endeavors related to her expertise in strategic human resources, strategic planning, and organizational development. In 2019, Ruth expanded her consulting with another HR professional and created Workforce Solutions Today, LLC.

Ruth’s experience and understanding of our area and our people are critical in representing the multiple needs and concerns of our area. One size does not fit all and one issue is not the only issue for our area.

Ruth said, “ I know who I am, where I am coming from, and where I am going to !” This is important when selecting a Legislator. You need someone who is well versed in multiple issues and has the experience, the leadership, and the determination to make a difference. Ruth has been involved in several housing issues, including manufactured housing issues, for quite a while. In 2004 and 2005 Ruth attended numerous not for profit meetings on Manufactured Housing concerns including the New Hampshire Community Loan Foundation and HUD meetings. In fact, Ruth helped craft the voluntary rental assistance program that eventually became part of the current law in Chapter 70. She also was instrumental in assisting tenants during the early stages of the Relocation Trust Fund. Ruth believes the homeowners and community owners can find a common ground when suitably invited. In 2015, she co-sponsored legislation to improve and clarify the rent justification bill. In 2016, she sponsored the bill to create a Taskforce for a review of specific concerns in Chapter 70 that ensures community owners and homeowners discuss and recommend changes for the Legislature.


On Tuesday, November 8th, vote for clear vision and leadership!

Balance of Spending

Issue: You and I must balance our checkbooks and live within our limits. We should expect no less from our elected officials.

Solution: Ruth will work to balance the budget by reducing government spending, not by raising taxes.

Balance of Jobs

Issue: With fewer manufacturing jobs, and a previous focus on retail, real estate, and the building trades, the declining market has greatly affected jobs in our district.

Solution: Ruth will work to diversify our job base through initiatives that will encourage new businesses to locate in our area.

Balance of Responsible Growth and Development

Issue: Our area will continue to grow. Growth helps create jobs and benefits our local economy, but it must be planned well and managed responsibly.

Solution: Ruth will work diligently to maintain local control on land use decisions and balance growth and development with individual property rights.


  • 1) Public Safety
    • Major intersection improvements: Zoar Road, Mt. Joy, Hollyville road, US 113 and Kruger Road, Park avenue
    • Smart 911
    • Paramedic Immunity
    • Lighted cars for Parole and Probation
    • Substance exposed infants
    • Opiate and Heroin issues
  • 2) Environmental
    • Assessment and work on drainage and flooding
    • “clean up day

During 2020-2022 Ruth sponsored Legislation:

– To recognize Title IX’s 50th anniversary

– To establish a Long term care and memory care taskforce

– To Proclaim Friday, October 28 as National First Responders Day

– To Create the school violence taskforce

– To Designate the Month of October as Depression Awareness Day

– To regulate Air Bag safety in automobiles

– The Delaware EARNS act

Ruth also sponsored legislation to:

  • Reduce the Realty transfer tax
  • Reduce Realty Transfer tax for Seniors
  • Increase School Safety allocations
  • Establish a Committee for Grant in Aid appropriations
  • Provide a Right to Repair Act in Delaware
  • Protect small business

For more information that is on the record: visit and see what legislation Ruth sponsored and how she voted on key issues.

It is quite apparent in Delaware that the economic policies of the Democrat administration have failed…HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH

I said, have you had enough…Do you like a candidate with proven leadership?

Do you like a candidate that demonstrates integrity?

Do you like a candidate with knowledge about many issues and has the know how to get things done in Delaware?

Do you like a candidate with experience and the valuable insight on budgeting, funding, and constituent services?

If you do, then you Like Me…RUTH BRIGGS KING as thee candidate for the 37th District.

Known for working to lower taxes

Known for working to reduce government debt

Known for reducing government regulations and burdens

Known for creating a better business climate

Known for creating a better quality of life.

Delaware Equal Pay Day (4/10/2018)