Why Ruth?

Ruth Briggs King has spent her whole life working, first as a health care provider, then as a teacher in our public schools (where she was nominated for the prestigious “Teacher of the Year” award) and later in different occupations in the business world.

Ruth understands the important role state government has in maintaining existing jobs and creating new opportunities. And she understands that quality employment is the foundation on which stable families, successful schools, and prosperous communities are built. Ruth said, “Delaware works best when Delawareans are working.”

That’s why Ruth supported new laws to reduce the gross receipts tax (HB 127); to maintain the viability of operations at one of our state’s largest employers (House Bills 10, 142 & 369); and to create the Veterans’ Opportunity Credit, to encourage companies to hire military personnel returning from active combat zones.

Ruth has been a strong voice for our communities, ensuring that the interests of the state’s largest county are well-represented. Among other things, Ruth advocated for safety improvements on Route 30 (gravel hill road), a study and survey of the flooding and drainage problems in the Oak Orchard area, and a solution for congested Route 24 (John J Williams Highway)

Recognizing that our area has a significant number of manufactured housing communities, Ruth has actively worked with residents to address their concerns. She helped craft legislation and worked to ensure passage of SB 234 in 2013 that provided for rent justification. She has resolved and assisted with many individual concerns within different communities. She has further developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in issues related to housing concerns as well as a network of agencies to assist residents with issues. Through her oversight and vigilant efforts (yes, even nagging) she has increased the responsiveness and accountability of the office to streamline the complaint and communication process.